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Fandom/Universe: Ternion
Character(s): Taran, Nor, Calvin, Mina, Roscoe, Lief


I actually did these colored pencil doodles a few weeks ago. I just suddenly had an urge to sit down with a traditional medium and play around. I kind of suck at colored pencils/hand inking, but I actually think these came out pretty cute. Also, notice how I'm actually letting Nor and Taran wear outfits other than what I usually stick them in. I'm thinking about allowing the Ternion cast change outfits instead of keeping the outfits exactly the same like in regular cartoons.

Nor is too tall in that first doodle. She's supposed to come up to Taran's chin/Calvin's nose.


Hee, Nor's on the swim team. I also think she's certified in CPR. I'm not sure how old you have to be in order to be a lifeguard, but I imagine she'll probably do that somewhere down the line.

Calvin with a baseball and Nor trying to talk to him. A startled Nor at the far right. Up at the very top is Nor kissing Calvin on the cheek and him blushing like crazy, because even though he doesn't really like her sometimes, she's a girl and she's kissing his cheek and it's nice.


Was listening to Cowboys by the Counting Crows, which is totally my Calvin theme and then I drew a Calvin. Pudgy boy is pudgy.

Mina, Roscoe and Lief doodles at the top. Mina's a gigantic asshole and I love her. Roscoe's SO SWEET and Lief's kind of annoying, but whatever.

At the bottom is a horrible Calvin hand and then the trio's hands side-by-side. Calvin/Nor/Taran. Calvin's hands are bony with insanely awesome thumbs. Nor's are small and round. Taran's are defined and kind of a little bit dainty.

a/n: You guys have no idea how great it is to be jumping back into this. I REEEEALLY missed these guys. So even just doodling silly stuff is like... it just feels really good.

Also, I'm totally gonna pimp this again: [ profile] ternion_comic. I WANT TO ACTUALLY MAKE THIS THING SO BADLY THAT IT HUUUURTS!
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