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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans!, Strangetown, Here We Come ([ profile] strange_tomato)
Character(s): Miles, Jay, Johnny, Ripp

Winters cold spring erases and the calm away by the storm is chasing )

Everything good needs replacing - look up, look down all around, hey satellite )

a/n: For me, one of the saddest things in Shenanigans is that Miles never really gets to spend time with his dad. When Jay dies, Miles hasn't even been born. In fact, Jay never finds out that he's going to have another son (he knows about the first, but is neglectful though he was actually just beginning to change that). And then Tai is just... not a very good substitute. So I drew a cutesy sketch of Miles and Jay, because I'm sad that they lost all that time. Oh and I also drew a ghost!Jay watching Miles try and fail to build towers and being unable to help and SAAAAAAD.

Haha, I've actually had this thing inked and flat-colored for awhile. I kept forgetting to shade it and then just be done with it though. But last night I was reading Strange's interview and she mentioned face grabbing and how she loved it and so I thought: "hell, i ought to just fix it up some." And so I did!
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans and Post-Ragamuffins
Character(s): Lee, Miles, Pear, Tai, Reese and Lur

We've all been changed from what we were. Our broken parts smashed off the floor. )

a/n: More art! These are just some things that I'm not interested in putting on Deviantart for one reason or another. The first because it's ridiculous and only interesting to me. The second because I feel silly for making such a badass picture of Lur for no real reason. Also, because Lur looks too much like Calvin and I don't want people to get confused.

Also, got some new icons. TYZULA. HAY BB.
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Fandom/Universe(s): Avatar: the Last Airbender, Ternion, Ragamuffins, Shenanigans!, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hey Arnold!, The Sims 2
Character(s): Sokka, Toph, Nor, Calvin, Taran, Kate-Bear, Brian, Alyssa, Gil, Negas, Pear, Ratchet Bur, Helga, Arnold, Lenne, Ripp

Without you, baby I'm not me. )

a/n: A desktop screenshot of all the pictures I'm working on at the moment. Some of them have been sitting around for far too long (the Favorite Whale as a Bear - ain't that confusing? - pic or the top right Ternion which has been hanging around unfinished since the summer).

There's Sokka carrying Toph, because you're not a true Tokka artist if you don't have at least one Sokka giving Toph a piggyback ride. Then a fairytale-esque Ternion trio, wherein Calvin is daring, Taran is pissed and Nor is in pain. Next, the shoe-eating scene in Ragamuffins that shall be HILARIOUS to do in time. After that the Ternion trio duking it out in a forest.

On the bottom is a redo of an old, old pic of me and Gil swinging high above everything. Then Pear hits on Negas, because Negas/Pear is as hot as Newt/Anna if not moreso. Next is Ratchet, looking kind of dumb with a bunch of scrolls. At the far right in the middle is a tragic HA! moment of a pained Helga and a pleading Arnold. And then the bottom right is Lenne shielding Ripp with ice, because she is a superhero after all.
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Notes: Hopefully I'll make time to do this again next year. Basically just a reflection on all the fic that I wrote this year.

A Year of Fic - Reflections )
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Time Period: Between PoE and BfE
Character(s): Newt

There! Right There! )

a/n: Urgh! I'm so sorry! I promised updates and here I am...half a month later, near-empty handed.

I got the sims! And I've been sulking...Aaaaand haven't wanted to really write/draw at all. Updating seemed like way too much work, y'know?

I'll try and be better! I will!
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Universe: Shenanigans
Time Period: Proof of Existence (Book One)
Character(s): Alyssa, Pear, Reese

We leave tonight or live and die this way... )

a/n: I imagine the girls would be in there all the time. Underfoot and in the way. Pear would be a hellion, as per usual. Reese just wants pancakes with syrup.

I think this is probably one of the happier times in Lee's future life. The in between. Not with Tai and no Jay in sight.
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Character(s): Negas, Posie
Rating: K+

Hey monkey, don't you want to be needed too? )

a/n: I'm posting again. I'm bored. I got a ton of junk in this computer and I feel like sharing. So here's a nice little art post. Negas and Posie are so cute, no?

I don't care that they're sort-of brothers. I love their love regardless.
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans, Bandkidz
Character(s): Rhiannon, Miles, Ralph2, Me and my Band Babies

Wherein boys are stupid and there are ducklings... )

a/n: the first one is because boys are stupid. seriously. rhiannon is trying to draw on comparisons and is failing. miles, though lovable, is apparently thick. this is actually rather ooc for them. rhiannon is usually the oblivious one, but there are reasons behind this stupid thing soooo... i had to make him the dense one.

and the second one is a cutesy pic of me and my band ducklings. In order - Dan, Me (cat!), Lynn, Samurai, Brandon, Jason, Mike and flying is Brent.

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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans!, Underverse
Character(s): Lur, Alyssa, Negas, Posie, Newt, Hector's Mother, Anna, Pogo

Doodle Dump. )
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Title: New Enemies
Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Character(s): Margo, Lee
Rating: K

Summary: Another short one. The Sequal...type thing to Old Friends.

Cops and Robbers: The Sequal )

a/n: Heehee. Had to. Sorry. This one is sillier me thinks.
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Title: Old Friends
Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Character(s): Margo, Lee
Rating: K

Summary: “You were trying to rob me, Lee.”

Cops and Robbers <3 )

a/n: Well...I have been wanting to do a buddy-fic and this seems to be as close as its gonna get for now. Pointless little fiction that's hardly funny and there are a bunch of words spelled so wrong...anyway point out grammar mistakes and such things if you wish. Oh, and its all dialogue. Have fun!


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