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Who are you?
- I'm Alyssa, though on the internet I'm mostly known as [ profile] squirrel_tamer (unfortunately). I love drawing and writing, athough I feel fairly mediocre at both.

What's here?
- Well, as of now, there are a lot of stories and art. Most of the art consists of very meager scraps or things that I have no intention of finishing. As for the stories, most of what you'll see is fanfiction. Currently all of my original fiction is in friends-locked posts and separated onto various filter groups.

How often do you post?
- It varies. Sometimes I'll go through a period where I post almost every day and then one day I might just go MIA for a few months. Mostly I post when I feel I have a good reason to.

Why should I add you?
- Because you love me? Honestly, it doesn't matter. If you're interested in seeing some scrappy art of mine or having a quick link to my fanfiction then go right ahead. Be sure to comment on this post if you do.

Will you add me?
- Yes, I will! I love meeting new people and poking around my Flist. It keeps me well entertained.

Can I get added to the ______ filter?
- Depends. If you've shown interest in that series before or I just think you're awesome, then it's pretty much an automatic thing. If you've never said a word to me before asking, it's probably not gonna happen.


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