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iScribble - Dump 2


Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe, Lila

So = MOST FUN EVER. Seriously, if you ever feel like doodling with me, send me a PM or something. If I'm on, I'll totally draw with you. I love it.


Lol, drawn by Annemiek and I. Anne doesn't have an LJ as far as I know. She draws insanely well though. Like, she's THIS close to being perfectly on model with the HA! cast. I drew Gerald and Phoebe and she took Arnold and Helga.


I drew Helga. Arnold was started by Anne and finished by [ profile] ag_markov. Lol, aren't they gorgeous together? Helga is all ~conflicted~ and Arnold's hand is just lovely there.


Another one by [ profile] ag_markov and me. The girls are sort of on the wrong planes, but it's still really fun! Lol, looks like the years haven't really brought them closer together, huh? Helga looks so miserable all the time!


And then I was alone and somehow got linked to the original teaser trailer for the HA! movie, which you can find here! and OMG HELGA'S SPY OUTFIT IS AMAZING AND I KNOW THEY USED IT IN MARRIED, BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE MOVIE TOO. OMG.

Gerald looks so WEIRD when he says "Rockin' your world." Also - HOT. BOYS YOU ARE NINE YOU SHOULD NOT LOOK ATTRACTIVE AT ALL EVER.

Um so yeah, I had spy outfits on the brain and ladies are awesome. Phoebe looks weird, but Helga is smoking so whatever.


Yet another one done between AG and myself. My lines are so sketchy. CLEAN LINEART IS FOR THE WEAK. Except when it's done in photoshop. Then those lines better look BEAUTIFUL.

Not really realistic, but a different sort of cartoony?

Also, I just love the content. Helga seems to be indifferent to the both of them. Gerald's being sleezy and Arnold's like: "You love me, right?" XD


Done between [ profile] genaminna and me. She made the super pretty Helga with all the pretty colored lines and I did the dweeby Arnold. She also made the little aftermath doodle on the side! XD

And then I started doodling stuff for my HA fic Trying. Which you can find on Livejournal and on I know it is not in good taste to pimp your own stuff. I do not care. I'm still like super pumped for this story.


This part is still a long way off. You can draw your own conclusions as to what's going on.


This part will be showing up in the next chapter actually. Here's a (super) small spoiler:

Where did Arnold go?


From the very end of the first chapter, when Helga opens the door to find him standing there. I really like doing scenes on iScribble - the size/format is limited which is kind of neat.

a/n: I'm actually done with Chapter Seven of Trying. Y'see I do this crazy thing where I don't write for like ever and then one day I sit down and spout out OVER 5000 WORDS in the course of two days. *cries*

Seriously, I have like no sense of pacing.

I probably won't post the next Chapter for another day or so to make it feel like I have a nifty little buffer. I also don't think I'll be writing too much for a little bit. Break time again!