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Picspam - The Journal


Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Episode: The Journal

Notes: Okay, so if you're reading Trying you might be noticing that there seem to be a lot of clues and things referencing an episode of Hey Arnold! that you never got to see. That's okay! I am here with a picspam from the Journal that will basically cover the episode's basics (plus some things that I thought were just funny or cute). Hopefully you find this useful!

So, the episode starts on the anniversary of the day Arnold's parents left and didn't come back. Arnold is, understandably, upset. He mopes around the whole day and then eventually decides that he's sick of it. He starts packing away everything that reminds him of his parents and plans to put it away for good.

But when he goes to stash it all in the attic (which will never make sense, because Arnold's ROOM is supposed to be the attic) he ends up finding an old journal that he quickly realizes is his dad's. His excitement and hope is restored and he's like: "OMG WE MUST READ IT." So Arnold and his grandparent's sit down and begin to read Miles' journal.


Miles' tale begins with how he and Stella meet. It's cute and he's clumsy and she's AWESOME. Seriously, these two are wonderful together. And they're both trying to help people that need it and they're just really great people.


- Stella's a doctor
- Miles is an anthropologist

They leave out the Schooner/Clipper ship part though. Which is a shame, because it's what Arnold's little line is referencing in the seventh chapter in Trying. Basically in Parent's Day, Miles is all distracted by the clouds and is like: "That one looks like a Schooner Ship! :D" and his friend Eduardo is like: "You are a silly romantic." And then Miles notices Stella sitting down below, also looking at the clouds and SHE'S like: "Oh, it looks like a Clipper!" And he gets all flirty and is like: "More of a Schooner really." and then he ends up falling on his butt in front of her and she's like: "Yeah, if you couldn't tell a Schooner from a Clipper Ship." In the Journal he just falls like an idiot and she rushes to help him.


So Eduardo sends them to this 'romantic' spot that is basically a bitch to get to and is described as "the kind of thing you only wanna do once." Stella gets all angry and is like: "I am so going to beat the snot out of him when we get back." Then their footing gives way and they careening down the mountainside, into a river and basically do that thing where they are going to go over a waterfall!


But they are saved! And caught in this weird net-thing. A shadowy figure leaves their view and they chase after him/her.


He's too fast, but they do find a strange symbol on the walls. The symbol of the Green Eyes. A mysterious, elusive civilization that were thought to have died out.

Miles and Stella vow to help the Green Eyes for saving their lives.


  "We learned from Eduardo that the evil river pirate, La Sombra, had stolen a sacred relic called La Corazon from the Green Eyes."


So Miles and Stella head out to find and return La Corazon to the Green Eyes.


There's a chase scene and they end up back at another damn waterfall.


Miles is all "Hold on." and Stella looks so worried and I LOVE THEM.


La Sombra chases after them and this is the only image of him available. This is all we've seen of him so far. He also has one line:

"NAAAHHHHHH! You meddling, do-gooder gringos! I'll get La Corazon back if it's the last thing I ever do!"


Aw, Stella belly flops a bit. From the looks of it, Miles managed to stay upright for once.


La Corazon.

Things to note:

-wrapped in cloth
-glows green
-bigger than a breadbox


Stella is intrigued by the glowyness. I'm still not sure if she actually sees La Corazon or just gets close. I sort of think she does actually see it.


I just love her face here.


Anyway, Miles stops her and covers it up. Apparently it's 'too sacred' for them to look at.

I'd like to know if they can't look at it just because it's too sacred or because looking at it can affect the viewer. :\


So then they go looking for a way to return La Corazon to the Green Eyes. They eventually see mysterious green smoke.

"There the Green Eyes had built one of their stone shrines that mark the borders of their ancient realm."




They place La Corazon on the alter and turn to leave. They then hear a small noise and when they look back La Corazon is gone and in it's place is a small relic.

"The Green Eyed people were so grateful for the return of their precious Corazon that they accepted us as members of their family. I even hoped they would invite us to their hidden city, but they are still too secretive."


Miles and Stella get married. And when they go to make out a small earthquake rattles the place, but they just don't give a damn.


Dancing! I always love HA! dance scenes. They look like a lot of fun.


Then the Green Eyes send them a wedding present! ABNER! He's supposed to bring good luck.


Phil: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's fire up the grill!"


Stella: "No, no! We can't EAT her! She's a gift! And she's cute!"

Phil: "Not that cute."

OMG Abner's face. Oh, BTW they do find out that Abner is actually a boy.


Arnold: "Abner was a wedding present to my parents?"
Grandpa: " That's right."
Arnold: "A wedding present from the Green Eyed people?"
Grandpa: "Correct."
Grandpa: "Well I - I couldn't help it! He looked tasty!"

(I just love Abner and Arnold's matching expressions.)


Grandpa: "And the only thing I had to eat all day was that darn cake. Those are empty calories, Arnold. EMPTY."
Arnold: "Grandpa, that's completely crazy."


Grandpa: "Ah, we were all a little crazy back then. It was the style in those days."


Grandma: "Heck, some of us are still crazy."





And Grandpa's like: "I AM OLD AND CONFUSED GO ORDER CHINESE." And Arnold is all nine and dumb and is like: "But I wanna hear the next part!" And his Grandpa's like: "NO. CHINESE. NOW."


I love this joke. Grandpa thinks that things are looking up for him!

The sexy page is locked away.


So Miles and Stella head out on their honeymoon and end up going up these cable cars. And there's another joke about: "The kind of thing you only want to do once."

Anyway, they watch as one of the cars suddenly goes out of control. Miles and Stella burst into action, because THEY ARE AMAZING.

Miles: "If I can catch the handle of the door, I can pull the other close enough for everyone to jump across." *peeks back into the car* "With your help of course."
Stella: "Of course."



Stella is amazing.

So there's one kid who's too afraid to take Stella's hand, so she jumps into the other car to get him.




She gets the kids into the other car, but Miles ends up letting go of the whip. Stella gets dragged along with the falling car and Miles jumps too. It defies physics, but it's so insanely OTP that NOBODY CARES.

Then they jump into the rocky waters below. And are badasses.


Awww, Miles! He's totally a Eugene.

Goddamn Stella. Goddamn. *fans self*


And just as Stella's like: "Let's never listen to Eduardo's travel advice ever again. Ever." who else shows up, but their dear friend - Eduardo!

ps I am totally okay with the idea of a Stella/Miles/Eduardo three-way.


Eduardo: "I was sent by the Green Eyed people....They wanted me to give you this."
Miles: "It says they've been struck by a mysterious disease. That many have perished. And they need us to come to them right away."


They head back to San Lorenzo and find dead butterflies at the Green Eyes' shrines.

Stella: "Miles, look. Dead butterflies. They always die first. It's a sleeping sickness, Miles." So they put on their badass faces and get to finding the ingredients to whip up a serum to help stop the disease.


The ingredient finding tuckers them out. OTP!

ps Eduardo loves them.


They finally manage to mix it all up right. They use the butterflies as test subjects.


They hope they're not too late.


The next morning they find these two neat amulet necklace things on their windowsill. What happened to the first little idol they received?


So then Stella is like: "AGH MY STOMACH." when they go to toast their awesomeness that night. And it turns out she's pregnant!


Grandma: "Baby, baby. Stick your head in gravy! Wash it out with bubblegum and send it to the navy!"

Oh god, I feel for Abner.


So um, they stick around San Lorenzo and then one day Stella's like: "It's time."

And this is her ride.


She is, understandably, worried.


Eduardo: "Well, I have some good and some bad news. The good news is that the hospital is just around that mountain."
Stella: "And the bad news?"
Eduardo: "The mountain is a volcano."

(I think the volcano is called Vulcan something? If anyone knows what Eduardo says right there I'd love to know.)

Eduardo: "But don't worry, Volcanoes smoke all the time. I'm sure that's all it will do."



Phil (reading): "The volcano started spitting out fire and smoke like crazy. It was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. (looks up) Sorta like you, Pookie."


Gertie: "Back at ya, Sweetcheeks."



They get trapped and have to leave their 'vehicle'.




Stella basically lays down right in the middle of the trail and is like: "I AM HAVING THIS BABY RIGHT NOW."

Stella is not very happy.

Then, some lava pours down behind them and the boys are like: "OH FUCK." and Stella's like: "IT'S STILL BABY TIME."


Green smoke!

They pick Stella up one more time and walk towards the smoke.


They get to a temple with this nice little bed for Stella.

Also, there are butterflies!


They all exchange adorable OT3 looks.


Miles: "Remember breathe, breathe. Just like in class."


Eduardo flees the scene, because the volcanic eruption is far less scary than pregnant! Stella.


Stella is screaming and birthing and the volcano is roaring like a great beast and Eduardo is like: "OH GOD IS THIS THE END FOR MY SEXY, SEXY SELF?"


Then it all stops. The smoke clears and everything is okay.

And you can hear a baby's cry.


Eduardo: "He has silenced all of nature."
Miles: "Our little baby."
Stella: "Our miracle baby - Arnold."
Eduardo: "Arnold. That's his name?"
Stella: "It was my dad's name."
Eduardo: "Arnold. He's a good looking boy."
Stella: "We couldn't have done it without you, Eduardo. Thank you."


Miles: "He is a good looking kid, isn't he?" (looks at Arnold) "Hey. Hi. Hey Arnold. Hi baby boy. I'm your dad and this is your lovely mom. Your so lucky."



The Green Eyes are also there to hear the name. Arnold.


So there's a mishap and Arnold almost gets himself eaten by a snake so Stella and Miles are like: "Okay, babies probably shouldn't grow up in jungles." So they decide to leave San Lorenzo.

Eduardo is going to miss them so much. Y'know, because he loves them.


Yay! The boarders!


Stella's like 'Wow, you must be a big hero them!' and Miles is like: 'No, they're just amazed I actually came back.'


Grandpa: "What a great looking boy! He's got my chin."
Grandma: "And my third eye."
Everyone: *laughs*
Grandpa: "Don't encourage her."

Hee! Also, Arnold most definitely DOES NOT have Phil's chin. Miles does though!




Fun times in the park for Arnold's first birthday. And this is when they buy him the hat!

And now allow me to do the HA! version of toddler spam.




Big Bob being neglectful and intimidating all at once! I am totally unsurprised!







Eugene's dad: "Are you okay?"

Now we know where he gets it from!






So then Arnold disappears because he is a handful and Miles and Stella are kind of neglectful, but mostly I think it's because they have a ninja for a baby.

And then Helga basically points out where Arnold is. And OMG Helga and Miles are interacting! And she is basically being the most amazing one year old ever. BECAUSE SHE WAS.


Oh so somehow Arnold magicked his way to the top of the slide. He ends up going down it backwards as Miles and Stella are a little too slow.


He doesn't die though!


The journal: "Stella and I have been on hundreds of adventures, but I was never so scared as when I saw baby Arnold standing on the top of the slide. As we hugged and kissed our boy after he was safe we vowed:"

Stella: "We'll never let you out of our site again."


D: D: D:

B-but then they... ;_;



There's one page left, but Arnold wants to hear it, even though he already knows the story by heart.


Eduardo comes back to find them. Apparently, there's been another, much worse outbreak of the Sleeping Sickness. It's spreading all through the region.

He begs them to take on just one more mission.


"It's a heartbreaking decision, but the Green Eyes are like family to us. They saved our lives again and again. Helped us to safety right before our baby was born. I really, really don't want to leave Arnold, but our trip back to San Lorenzo will be quick."






This show breaks me in so many ways.


So Arnold takes the journal and goes to read through it again on the stoop. While he's flipping through he notices that the pages in the back seem to be a bit stuck together.



Arnold: "It must be the route my parents took on their last trip to the jungle! Grandma, Grandpa - you have to see this! I found a map!!!!"



a/n: So what happens next?

We still don't know. Some shit went down between Nick and Craig Bartlett (the creator of HA!) and they pulled the plug on the whole thing. We were supposed to get a movie about Arnold going off to find them, but so far it's a no go. So the series ends on the BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER EVER.

(yes, i'm bitter.)