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Alyssa Marie ([personal profile] stillthekey) wrote2009-05-12 10:53 pm

Art - Dark Helga


Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga

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I am so wishy-washy when it comes to Helga's Darkverse design. I sort of like this, but I also kind of like the version I was using here with the somewhat cat-like eyes, but I dunno. :\

Playing around with the Darkverse again is fun. I have no plans to ever finish it, but this Rhonda side story is reminding me that even my most ridiculous ideas are actually kind of really fun.

Also, the next chapter of Not Falling Apart will probably take some time, because I'm not really sure how everything is going to fit together yet. Also, a decent chunk of the story might end up taking place in the men's showers. ¬.¬

a/n: Just wanted to note that I'm doing the cross-posty thing right now from Dreamwidth. Hope it works!