Mar. 10th, 2009 04:18 pm
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Fandom/Universe: Pokemon, The Downfall Trilogy
Character(s): Misty, Ash, Bruno, Duplica, Lenne

I can’t take my eyes off of you - I know you feel the same way too. )

a/n: Hmmmm, not much else to say. Oh if you wanna color any of these be my guest. They're all nice and png w/o any background so that if you have photoshop (it MIGHT work with gimp and other programs like that) you can slip layers right under 'em. Sexy.

There's more that I really wanna do. The Erika/Giselle one, the Ternion trio and the one Ripp/Phi.

Art Dump

Mar. 8th, 2009 10:44 pm
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion, Naruto, SHWC, The Downfall Trilogy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Hey Arnold!, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Taran, Nor, Calvin, Jeanette, Mina, Hinata, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Ophelia, Ripp, Lenne, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Ash, Misty, Duplica, Bruno, Erika, Giselle, Helga, Arnold, Amy (OC), Trinity (OC)

So we bottled and shelved all our regrets - let them ferment and came back to our senses. Drove back home and slept a few days. Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be. )

a/n: It's good to be back. However, it is late now, so I'll have to wait to get caught up some time tomorrow. Classes start again tomorrow too. Boooooo.


Feb. 26th, 2009 08:33 pm
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Hey everyone, I go on break tomorrow so my internet access will be limited for about a week. We have it at home, but I'll probably be busy with other things (i hope so at least - though neither of my BFFs are off...). But there definitely won't be fic/art for a week (i think, lol). Haha, it really doesn't sound like I'm going to gone that much, huh? Well, if I seem to be scarce next week that's why. But if it seems like business as usual, then okay too.

Anyway, some art and junk under here! )

a/n: I'm also totally planning to eventually do a post explaining what we know about La Corazon/the Journal/La Sombra in order to help people who haven't seen The Journal understand things a little better.

Also, [ profile] poisonivory hooked me up with Look Up and the Haunted Train mp3s recently and they are AWESOME. Look Up is so much fun. And now you can listen too!

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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Series: Trying
Character(s): Helga, Arnold

The one that you wrecked - wont take you back if you were the last beautiful girl in the world. )
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3 x Strangetown, Here We Come
5 x Hey Arnold!
3 x Hey Arnold! (Fanart!)
3 x Ternion

Lick those lips! )


3. "the beginning"
5. "no hero in her skies"
6. "please believe me if i say"
7. "steal her away / self books, love cooks"
8. "One Red Shoe"
12. "summer skin"

Also, I'm totally dancing around on the Beau/Franny side of things these days, but I wanted to see if this one technique worked on the sims pics and I had that cap available so that's why there's one random Tank/Frances icon. XD

ETA: Okay, this is going to probably sound really random to most of you, but do you guys know what Fausnaughts are? Without looking them up that is.

Because I TOTALLY just realized that it must be a PA Dutch thing. D: But still - HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT FAUSNAUGHTS ARE?
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In which Helga receives an invitation and Arnold runs into some trouble... )

a/n: Hee, hopefully there's some nice surprises in this chapter. Yes, we are going to get to see quite a few of the old gang. None of them are terribly plot important, but they'll be helping out a lot.

And La Corazon! <33333 Yes I am totally writing a TJM-ish story at a totally non-TJM time. Or well, TJM happened in this story, but Arnold didn't find ANYTHING. No evidence that his parents are alive or dead or had ever existed at all. And this is sort of the end result of that. It's an Arnold who lost his hope and a Helga who got her life stuck in Arnold's leaving. They're both very stunted emotionally. Arnold gave up on a lot of things and Helga hasn't really formed her own identity. But they'll get there!

And the next chapter includes some answers! They're on a road trip after all - time for Arnold to explain some things.

The urban legend was totally spur of the moment and basically added because of this.
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Comment and tell me what you honestly think about me. Ask me a question, no matter how personal. Tell me a secret, a confession, anything at all as long as it's anonymous.

(ganked from god knows where. i've always sort of wanted to do something like this though.)
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Little bit weaker than you used to be. )

notes: Helga in my own sort of style and looking purty and older and a fun Phi drawing? Ugh, I know they are not very interesting. :(

I drew you guys something now give me love. I'm like seriously stressed out about the stupidest thing right now and I'm making myself sick and it's so dumb and argh. Seriously, gimme crazy comments, half-assed fic, silly pictures of your toes - ANYTHING. I just want to stop being a miserable grump.
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warning: this post is extremely image heavy (80+ caps)

You tell me that you love me, but you never want to see me again. )

notes: Once again, all of these images are fine to use for any sort of icons/graphics/etc. This isn't as funny as the last one, because this is all the gushy emotional stuff and I COULD NOT MOCK THAT.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, this is the song that I used for the song lyrics in each LJ-cut:

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warning: this post is extremely image heavy (70+ caps).

I see you, you see me - differently. )

notes: Once again, all of these images are fine to use for any sort of icons/graphics/etc. I ended up taking WAY too many caps for the second half of this episode, so I split it into two different parts. There's a lot of similar shots, but no complete duplicates. I just really loved a lot of the faces that they pull throughout this episode - Helga's the best at making hilarious faces.
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Hey there, all you awesome kids. I've been in a ~CRAZY~ Hey Arnold mood as of late. I'm not really sure why, but it feels good to get the fangirlish juices pumpin'. Maybe because it's February? Which means Valentine's Day is coming up fast?

I don't remember who said it first, but Helga and Arnold are THE Valentine's Day couple. They have a whole thirty-minute special dedicated to them and how goddamn OTP they are after all!

And so I've decided that such an awesome episode and couple deserves an equally awesome picspam type thing. AMIRITE?

(hint: the answer is yes)


I wanted to tell you I changed. I wanted to tell you that things would be different this time. )

notes: Part Two should be up tomorrow or Monday. I meant to do this earlier, but RL kind of got in the way. Hope you enjoy it!

ETA: You can use any of the caps for icons/graphics/etc. They aren't the best quality, but they're I think they're pretty decent.
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In which our heroes make their daring escape... )

a/n: I was actually planning on pushing this chapter a little bit further, but things seemed to be winding down so I decided to cut it off. Damn, it takes them FOREVER to get from point A to point B. Also, I was originally going to have them just ending up on a street and either Helga or Arnold would hotwire a car, but it didn't pan out that way. Sorry Mrs. Grant.

Also, I love action. And characters getting snippy at one another.

Next Chapter: Helga and Arnold make a pit stop or two and then plan out their next destination.
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DVD Commentary Meme: pick a story of mine, and I'll write you a commentary track to go along with it. (You can also ask me specific questions that you'd like me to answer.)

I just posted a HUGE archive of my fic Here so go ahead and ask away.

Oh, and Chapter Four of Trying should be out soonish. It's turning out longer than I expected.
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NOTES: Down below you will find a complete and total collection of all fic posted on this journal. I've also provided links to my sites where you can find more fic - most of which is rather old. Everything is listed in chronological order within it's own section. I'll add fic as I post it.

Almost all Fanfiction is unlocked. Almost all Original Fiction is locked.

I have also summed up each of my various filters and what you can find when you get added to said filters.

I hope you find this useful!

Fanfiction )

Original Fiction - Series )

Original Fiction - One Shots )
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In which Arnold shakes a lot... )

a/n: Lol, longest chapter yet and the plot in my head at the beginning of this was basically: "Get Arnold to the door." Haha, awesome.

Um, also I don't really foresee this being a super fluffy story. More adventure-y than anything? But there's a lot of Helga/Arnold bonding!
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Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Series: Trying
Character(s): Helga, Arnold

Now would you mind if I bared my soul? )

These are the original sketches that actually inspired the story. I made them a couple months back during a chat with other HA! fans. So far the plot is basically following these early sketches, but the original idea was that Arnold would basically be really out of it for most of the plot with lots of Helga physically protecting him.

Now it's more of Helga helping him emotionally than anything else. Arnold isn't the golden boy that he is in the series. This is an Arnold that's kind of on his last leg of hope.

If I came right out and said you're beautiful? )

A design of Helga's outfit that she is wearing at the start of the story. Not terribly exciting, but I am fond of the orange shoes. I'll probably never describe it in full and you can imagine a different sort of waitress-y look if you want, but this is just kind of what I thought up. :3
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In which there is a truly bizarre quirk of fate... )

a/n: Depressing, eh? Oh well, it happens. There's some bare-bones as far as backstory goes now, which is pretty sweet I suppose.

Oh and the next chapter is where things will finally start HAPPENING. Are you excited for that? I AM.

Also, I'm pretty sure chapters are going to end up getting longer as I go along. So uh, you've been warned I suppose.

And, thank you guys so much for the feedback so far! I wasn't really expecting more than like one or two people to even notice this.

Oh, I'll also probably have bits of extra stuff to show you involving the story, because I'm a super visual person so I like to sketch out parts of scenes and things like character design will come along too, because I have fun with that. :3
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Title: Trying
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold
Rating: Teen
Chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

In which Helga G. Pataki is late.... )

a/n: I'm not making any promises about this. I don't want to say I'm going to finish this or that I even know where it's going at all. I just... I really want to try and see if I can write something - ANYTHING that has some sort of continuity. I've only ever finished two multi-chaptered... things. One was Downfall, which is totally original and also sort of... insane. The other was a five part story that I wrote mostly because our internet was down for a week. I don't have a great track record with multi-chaptered stuff.

Also, I only have a very vague idea for a plot, so bear with me please!

Yeah, I'm gonna use Arnold Shortman for Arnold's full name. It was never my favorite choice, but I'm pretty sure it's either confirmed as his last name or so damn close that it doesn't really matter.
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Fandom: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Helga, Arnold

I don't know. Does the loneliness show? And, if so, does it ever end? )

a/n: I put this up at DA as well.

Was watching HA! eps today and just... I missed them. And it's been like FOREVER since I've drawn Helga and Arnold being just... Helga and Arnold.

But really, as perfect as Arnold seems to be, there's also this undercurrent of intense sadness to him. I think a lot of his light is banking on his parent's being alive. He's looking on the bright side, because he can't bring himself to stop believing that they'll come back one day.

But sometimes even the heroes need saving.
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion, SHWC/[ profile] strange_tomato, Hey Arnold!, The Secret of Nimh
Character(s): Aria, Nor, Jeanette, Mina, Calvin, Ophelia, Johnny, Ripp, Buck, Jill, Jayne, Stella, Mrs. Brisby, Helga Pataki

There’s a bird that nests inside you, sleeping underneath your skin. When you open up your wings to speak I wish you’d let me in. )

a/n: LOTS OF PICS! My notebooks for class are definitely heavier on drawings than they are filled with actual notes. I-I'm a bad student. :(

Oh well.

EDIT: Uh, also I'm sorry about the icky quality of these pics. I think photobucket ate them a little? :(


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