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3 x Strangetown, Here We Come
5 x Hey Arnold!
3 x Hey Arnold! (Fanart!)
3 x Ternion

Lick those lips! )


3. "the beginning"
5. "no hero in her skies"
6. "please believe me if i say"
7. "steal her away / self books, love cooks"
8. "One Red Shoe"
12. "summer skin"

Also, I'm totally dancing around on the Beau/Franny side of things these days, but I wanted to see if this one technique worked on the sims pics and I had that cap available so that's why there's one random Tank/Frances icon. XD

ETA: Okay, this is going to probably sound really random to most of you, but do you guys know what Fausnaughts are? Without looking them up that is.

Because I TOTALLY just realized that it must be a PA Dutch thing. D: But still - HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT FAUSNAUGHTS ARE?
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4 x Avatar: the Last Airbender
1 x Naruto Manga
6 x KH!Manga Yuffie**
2 x Strangetown, Here We Come

gosh, i'm tired. )

a/n: JRO shot courtesy of [ profile] strange_tomato.

** These are part of a Yuffie iconset that I work on from time to time. One day it shall be complete and also glorious.
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note: Icon art pulled from the original sources as well as my own art. Some of these icons are over a year old. Also the two sim pictures come from [ profile] strange_tomato, so be sure to credit her if you take them and also READ HER STORY BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT.

4 x Avatar: the Last Airbender
2 x Disney
4 x Hey Arnold!
3 x Ternion
4 x Kingdom Hearts
3 x Strangetown: Here We Come
6 x Shenanigans!
3 x Misc.
4 x Silly Gifs

Lots of Icons! )


1. "Against the World" - Can't remember bottom text.
4. "She had a history of killing herself. I had a habit of dying" (Hold On, Dasboard Confessional)
5. "What if I missed you? You got caught in the sun." (Caught in the Sun, Course of Nature)
6. "You Cannot Blame us for crying to you." (Mr. Moon, OAR)
10. (Let's War, The Plastic Constellations)
14. "Caught in the Sun" (Caught in the Sun, Course of Nature)
15. "My life it seems is a world of dreams." (Dreams to Dream, Linda Ronstadt)
18. "Maybe I slipped in between." (Recovering the Satellites, Counting Crows)
19. "Can you still see the heart of me?" (All I Need, Within Temptation)
20. "It's the breathing, it's the breathing in and out and in and..." (Have You Seen Me Lately, Counting Crows)
29. "If I give up on you, I give up on me." (Stigmatized, The Calling
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6 x Chipmunk/Chipette
1 x Alyssa Art
1 x Secret of Nimh



Fandom/Universe: A Prayer for Owen Meany, Pokemon
Character(s): Mudkip, Owen, John

Mudkip Stationary and Owen loves John... )
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5 x Alyssa Art
1 x Secret of Nimh



Fandom/Universe: Emperor's New Groove, Ragamuffins
Character(s): Unnamed OC, Alyssa, Brian

ENG Fancharacter and Guard Duty... )

a/n: Grawwww more icons and pictures. Most of the icons are crap. I’m just bad at making them. I’ll get better eventually - I hope.
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3 x Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy VII
1 x Disney Art
7 x Alyssa Art

Under here, yo. )

a/n: Cha. Bored. Also, I’m getting better.
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8 x Ragamuffins Characters
1 x Advent Children
1 x Kingdom Hearts
4 x Random Alyssa Art

...would do anything for love... )

a/n: There are two (there was another kh one, but i can’t find it ANYWHERE and urghhh) in here that I REALLY like. The rest are just okay.

Have fun!
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5 x Alyssa Art
2 x Silly Quotes
2 x Photos by Mer
5 x Kingdom Hearts
1 x Disney

cut for fun shit... )
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Fandom/Universe: None
Character(s): Bear, Lur, Alyssa

'Nother Doodle Dump. )

In which there are icons... )

a/n: One day I may actually put up writing again...for now you'll just have to live with all my scrap art and lame icons.
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2 x Silly Quotes
4 x Hey Arnold
22 x Spawnverse
11 x Random/Alyssa Art
5 x RPG World
7 x Kingdom Hearts
1 x Avatar the Last Airbender
1 x Thoreau

click for some supah cool shit )

They aren't the greatest, but some of them are hella fun...soooo yeah.


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