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Um, so now I have to go pack/clean/study. HOME TOMORROW OMG. Also, AG I sent the links for the HA_Rewatch pictures so let me know if they didn't send or whatever. Also also, I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM MISSING THE OPERATION: RUTHLESS DISCUSSION. ;______;

Okay, I felt like adding a meme to this post to give me something to procrastinate with when I get sick of all that packing/cleaning/studying. So totally swiping this from [ profile] poisonivory:

Give me a character in one of my fandoms and I'll give you three facts about them from my personal canon.
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion
Character(s): Taran, Nor, Mina, Jeanette, Dawn, Calvin

The doodles are under a cut, because I am thoughtful and don't like being mean to your flistpage. )

a/n: Damn Taran. Damn.

Nabbed from [ profile] gemkazoni

Comment with the name of a character, pairing, etc in one of my fandoms. I'll post you an "instant" mini-fanmix: a cover and 3-5 songs that remind me of that character/pairing/show/etc. I'll upload the songs and everything.
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Comment and tell me what you honestly think about me. Ask me a question, no matter how personal. Tell me a secret, a confession, anything at all as long as it's anonymous.

(ganked from god knows where. i've always sort of wanted to do something like this though.)
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DVD Commentary Meme: pick a story of mine, and I'll write you a commentary track to go along with it. (You can also ask me specific questions that you'd like me to answer.)

I just posted a HUGE archive of my fic Here so go ahead and ask away.

Oh, and Chapter Four of Trying should be out soonish. It's turning out longer than I expected.
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I was tagged by [ profile] smjoshsims and I do love me some memes.

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question they don't like with a new, original question.

B) Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Onwards and So Forth! )

Notes: Uh, I tag anyone who wants to do it? I HATE TAGGING PEOPLE IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A BAD PERSON.
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1. List your top seven ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your favorite.
3. Name their fandom.
4. Supply photos for said people.

She could change everything about her using colors bold and bright, but all the colors mix together - to grey. )

notes: It's image heavy, but OMG MY OTP/3s!!!!!!! It was fun to go back and revisit all of my old fandoms and really pick out, which ships have meant the most to me. Also, I took the fanart without permission, but everything is credited and clicking each picture takes you to the owner's DA account. Anything that doesn't have text saying who made it underneath is either a) a screenshot from the actual game/show/etc or b) made by me.

Also, I tried to do pairings from various fandoms. I managed except for the two KH ones, but you could say that Squall/Yuffie is actually a Final Fantasy Crossover...kind of. In any case, I've been influenced by both (Squffie moreso than RiSoKai) and it didn't feel right excluding one or the other. :\


Dec. 15th, 2008 06:12 pm
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Zukaang )

Rhonda/Harold )

Pleasantview )

Sonic/Robotnik )

The Sims 2 )

a/n: Can be ignored if you already read your drabble in the comments. I just wanted to collect them all in one place.

You can still request a drabble at this post.
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So I'm killing time until tomorrow when I get to go HOME (<3333)! I still have some stuff that I ought to be packing away, but that's all I've done ALLLL DAY, so I'd rather not.

Anyway, I'm doing this to kill time and maybe flex my writing muscles a bit (I used to write ALL THE TIME, WHAT HAPPENED?).

Every person who wants to gets to request a drabble (real drabble: 100 words) from me. In return, you have to post this in your journal and write a drabble for me.

Post all fandoms you're willing to write for. Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your LiveJournal.

(i'm nice and don't make things mandatory. :3 )


Hey Arnold!
Kingdom Hearts (don't like the organization much tho)
Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM
Avatar: the Last Airbender
The Sims 2 (may or may not end up canon compliant to SHWC)

Plus any of my original stories is fair game, I suppose. And no requesting real smut, because I am no good at that.

Also! I was bored yesterday and watched Grudge Match/Polishing Rhonda (Hey Arnold!) and Rhonda/Patty is still so very adorable.

So adorable that I had to draw something... )

Lastly, I named 96 out of 151 pokemon on my very first try!
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Okay so the real reason behind that way too big for it's britches character post was just so I could do this one meme. I didn't NEED to have the character post, but it's so convenient! Also I'm hoping to get a master list of fic together in the somewhat near future. It'd be nice to have something like that.

Anyway, since I did all that work just for one meme, I've been posting it like MAD. On my regular LJ, on Deviantart, it might possibly go up on Facebook for my friends. But, I spent forever on that stupid post, so it'd better get feedback!

1. Pick one of my characters, any one.
2. I will tell you the origin of his/her/its name.
3. I will tell you three random facts surrounding his/her/its creation.
4. I will give you one random fact of his/her/its backstory.
5. I will give you one random fact of his/her/its forestory.
6. You may ask me up to five questions about the character (though depending on who you pick the answers might be somewhat…vague).
7. If you place this in your journal, I will return the favor.


Oct. 17th, 2007 08:07 pm
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A Pokemon meme... )


Jul. 5th, 2006 06:47 pm
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Pick your top five fandoms and answer the following questions about each:

Kingdom Hearts )
Hey Arnold! )
Kids Next Door )
Harry Potter )
Naruto )


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