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Fandom/Universe: The Sims 2/[ profile] strange_tomato, The Downfall Trilogy, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Ophelia, Ripp, Johnny, Lenne, Squall, Yuffie

Some pics and stuff! For fun! )

a/n: It's my birthday in THREE DAYS. HOLY SHIT WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!?! D:
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Johnny, Ophelia, Ripp, Jill

And some lame SHWC doodles... )


Art Dump

Mar. 8th, 2009 10:44 pm
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion, Naruto, SHWC, The Downfall Trilogy, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Hey Arnold!, Kingdom Hearts
Character(s): Taran, Nor, Calvin, Jeanette, Mina, Hinata, Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Ophelia, Ripp, Lenne, Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Ash, Misty, Duplica, Bruno, Erika, Giselle, Helga, Arnold, Amy (OC), Trinity (OC)

So we bottled and shelved all our regrets - let them ferment and came back to our senses. Drove back home and slept a few days. Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be. )

a/n: It's good to be back. However, it is late now, so I'll have to wait to get caught up some time tomorrow. Classes start again tomorrow too. Boooooo.
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Fandom/Universe: Ternion, SHWC/[ profile] strange_tomato, Hey Arnold!, The Secret of Nimh
Character(s): Aria, Nor, Jeanette, Mina, Calvin, Ophelia, Johnny, Ripp, Buck, Jill, Jayne, Stella, Mrs. Brisby, Helga Pataki

There’s a bird that nests inside you, sleeping underneath your skin. When you open up your wings to speak I wish you’d let me in. )

a/n: LOTS OF PICS! My notebooks for class are definitely heavier on drawings than they are filled with actual notes. I-I'm a bad student. :(

Oh well.

EDIT: Uh, also I'm sorry about the icky quality of these pics. I think photobucket ate them a little? :(
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Fandom/Universe: The Sims 2/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Frances, Tank, Ripp, Johnny, Ophelia, Jill, Buck

Bang bang, shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, yeah... )

a/n: I-I finished it! Sorry for the RIDICULOUS wait. After I had to go through that whole miserable day of finding the picture when it got deleted my interest in the pic sort of died out. I was afraid I'd fuck it up big time and lose it for good and just... ick. It was rough. But I SWORE to myself that I would get this finished sometime this weekend and HUZZAH! I did!

It's currently 1440x900 pixels because that's my screen size, but if someone wants one that'll fit their screen perfectly just ask me and I'll make one up. Also, I wanted to put words at the bottom like subtitles to a movie, but wasn't sure what I wanted it to say.

Oh and the whole reason I did this picture is because of Cobra Starships "The City is at War". I was listening to it and then drew Johnny there holding his shovel and started filling in a hideous Phi beside him dressed kind of like a mobster and it just evolved from that idea. Also I made a short playlist to listen to while I worked on this picture! The songs on it were both loud and peppy, and soft and ANGSTY. I don't know why.

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Fandom/Universe: The Sims 2/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Ripp, Ophelia

I still believe in summer days. The seasons always change and life will find a way. )

a/n: This was so random. I heard this song earlier today and went on to find it on youtube and the next thing I know, I'm drawing THIS.

Ripp and Phi missing their Johnny. They worry about him all the time and wish he'd come home.

"This is my winter song to you.
The storm is coming soon
It rolls in from the sea.

My love a beacon in the night.
My words will be your light
To carry you to me."

EDIT: Hey, when you click the lj-cut can you see the actual picture or is it all a slivery line? I can see it all pretty-like on me mac, but it's icky on my friends laptop. I can fix it a little bit later if it's all small and stuff.
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Johnny, Ripp, Ophelia and a Jaxy

No I don't wanna battle from beginning to end. I don't wanna cycle or recycle revenge. I don't wanna follow death and all of his friends. )

a/n: I don't actually draw directly into the computer that much - I kind of suck at it. But I was on a roll today so I just kept at it. Also - I put numbers on each sketch! I am so thoughtful, eh?

IMPORTANT: Should LJ implode/explode at any time you can find me at these places:

Deviantart Account

Blogger (currently unused)


I'm also looking into journalfen and insanejournal. Also, I am pissed at this whole need to backup my journal. SO MUCH SHIT IS HERE. :(

ps this song is such a strangetown, here we come song. it reminds me of phi and tank most of all
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Fandom/Universe: The Sims 2/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Johnny, Ripp, Ophelia

You know what they say at the end of the day, but days fade away and where does time go please? )

a/n: A small art dump for Strange, because I think she could use it. <3333333333333333333
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I saved it! *Dances*

It's not exactly where I left off (boooooo), but it's closeish! I'm still missing some flat colors and all the shading I did to Franny is gone, but I'm just so happy that it EXISTS!

To celebrate I bring you: Naked Strangetown Boys that are anatomically correct! (... for sims that is) And some bonus sketches of Johnny (with cameos from Ripp, Phi and Tank's sexy bod).

Take It Back To The Place Where You Know That It All Began. We Can Be Anything We Wanna Be! You Can Tell By The Noise That The Boys Are Back Again! )

a/n: ignore Tank's fugged up face (that always happens). Also Buck's bod is way tilty.

I basically drew the first one just to play around with male anatomy because I suck at it. Like, I can make my girls all different shapes and sizes, but my dudes tend to come out sort of similar or get stuck in three main body types and I want to get past that.

Um in the second one, it's supposed to be Ripp's body at the upper left. And Tank's the other headless dude in the upper middle area. The rest of the boys are Johnny, plus that little Ripp at the bottom middle. And then there are two Ophelias to the far right.
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Title: Three Billy Goats Grunt
Fandom/Universe: The Sims 2/[ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Jill Smith, The Grunt Boys
Rating: Teen

It’s going to be okay - summer’s going to take the pain away. When I’m gone, I promise it’s going to be okay. Summer is going to take the pain away. )

a/n: WHATEVER MUSE. Apparently you do whatever the fuck you want. WELL I WANTED TO GO TO BED EARLY. YOU WHORE.

So yeah, apparently I'm doing a running theme of 'how many different ways can SHWC characters die without really being dead?'. Don used sex to fill up a hole inside of him, Tank went through his life without really living it, Jill dies on the inside when Buck dies for real.

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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come
Character(s): Ripp, Ophelia, Johnny... kind of.

Would you ever be my, would you be my fucking boyfriend? )

a/n: Lol. I dunno. Just bored. I genderbend for fun sometimes. It's just fun to see the differences in design if you switch up gender.

My main goal of this whole thing was to make male!Phi as hot as fucking possible. I feel fairly satisfied with the end result. female!Ripp is kind of awkward, but in a cute way and female!Johnny is pretty and has small boobies. Anybody got any opposite gender names for these guys? I kind of like Janie for Johnny. No idea for Ripp and I feel like Phi's name has to have more to do with Shakespeare and/or drowning.
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come/
Character(s): Frances, Tank, Ripp, Ophelia, Johnny, Jill, Buck

I thought of you and where you'd gone. And the world spins madly on. )

a/n: Sometimes, I do these things that I know I shouldn't do. Staying up until all hours of the morning to: a) write a 4,000+ word story about Don Lothario or b) go batshit and decide to just fucking color something even though it can definitely wait until morning are NEVER good ideas. I AM SO TIRED.

And I could have waited to post! But by this point I'm like: "FUCK IT WHATEVER MAYBE I'LL WAKE UP TO A COMMENT OR SOMETHING I DUNNO."

And, forgive me now if there's any really stupid errors in the text or anything - I'm so out of it.

Okay so comments on the actual picture:

2) Frances is in purple because of [ profile] xel_squirgle_ox. DEAL WITH IT.
3) I know they weren't all kids together. I don't care. It's ~symbolic~.
5) Sorry if your fave didn't make the cut. I hate old people (CIRCE, CURIOUS BROS, SMITH RENTS, GIRLS WHO AREN'T ERIN). Not really, but whatever. I drew my favorites.
8) This song is good
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come / [ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Ripp, Ophelia, Johnny

This time when kindness falls like rain it washes her away and Anna begins to change her mind. 'These seconds when I'm shaking leave me shuddering for days,' she says. And I'm not ready for this sort of thing. )

a/n: One day I will draw characters from this story that aren't Ripp, Phi and Johnny. I swear to God. But, oh gosh, they are so cute! They are SHARING A SCARF. Oh my heart! And even though it's not the first thing you look to, let me point out that they are all holding hands! And Ripp and Phi are so happy, and Johnny is like: "I actually do not hate this *small smile and blush*" and just... Weeee!

Ripp/Ophelia/Johnny ought to be everybody's OTP/3. Look at them! They are so cute and so full of the loveliest love ever.
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come ([ profile] strange_tomato)
Character(s): Johnny, Ophelia, Ripp

And for all you know this could be the difference between what you need and what you wanna be. )

a/n: Ah, two posts in one day. I'm just full of love today it seems.

Anyway, I finished up that last Johnny/Ripp picture and realized that I had meant to fix this doodle up, but never got around too it. And I really just felt like doing SOMETHING with the trio. So I took the original doodle from here: (It's the one on the bottom right!) and cleaned it all up.

I'm really proud of how much I CHANGED this. It's amazing how much my style grows and changes in just a couple months. I believe the original sketch was made back at the end of May the finished version done just today. Big changes, eh? I even included a little picture so you can see for yourself!
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans!, Strangetown, Here We Come ([ profile] strange_tomato)
Character(s): Miles, Jay, Johnny, Ripp

Winters cold spring erases and the calm away by the storm is chasing )

Everything good needs replacing - look up, look down all around, hey satellite )

a/n: For me, one of the saddest things in Shenanigans is that Miles never really gets to spend time with his dad. When Jay dies, Miles hasn't even been born. In fact, Jay never finds out that he's going to have another son (he knows about the first, but is neglectful though he was actually just beginning to change that). And then Tai is just... not a very good substitute. So I drew a cutesy sketch of Miles and Jay, because I'm sad that they lost all that time. Oh and I also drew a ghost!Jay watching Miles try and fail to build towers and being unable to help and SAAAAAAD.

Haha, I've actually had this thing inked and flat-colored for awhile. I kept forgetting to shade it and then just be done with it though. But last night I was reading Strange's interview and she mentioned face grabbing and how she loved it and so I thought: "hell, i ought to just fix it up some." And so I did!
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To the Mix! )

a/n: Okay, definitely lamest thing I've done thus far (I SAY THAT SO MUCH THAT I THINK ITS LOST ITS EFFECT D: ). Honestly, I just wanted to see if I could make a fanmix. I've never done one before and it's taken me forever to figure out how to combine all the songs into one neat little zip file. Though, it's actually REALLY easy to do and I'm kind of a doofus for not figuring it out sooner.

I didn't put every single song I've used as an LJ-cut in here. I cut it down to some of my favorites. Surprisingly the ones I kept all seemed to fit some aspect of the JRO situation.
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Fandom: Strangetown, Here We Come/ [ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Ripp, Tank, Buck, Stella, Johnny, Jill, Ophelia, Circe, Vali

Some days i pray for silence, and somedays i pray for soul. Some days i just pray to the god of sex and drums and rock 'n roll. )

a/n: I know this is nuts, but I just really wanted to dump these things before they got out of hand. I might still fix up some of the later ones, because they are newer and I like 'em. Especially the Phi and Jill party time picture.

Also the music is actually a total coincidence. It came on just as I was finishing up this entry. Lol!
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come / [ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Ripp, Johnny

Mama, why am I so alone? I can't go outside - I'm scared I might not make it home. )

a/n: Fixed up scrap. Johnny/Ripp is my most favorite of possible JRO pairings (ruling out keeping them as a trio). This is actually really strange, because I don't really tend to favor M/M pairings. I don't have a problem with slash and enjoy reading it from time to time and I like how Strange deals with sexuality in the story, but I naturally gravitate towards Het first, and then Femslash second. Boy slash doesn't really tickle my fancy in a fan sense.

But I just adore Johnny/Ripp. Probably because it's all subtext with them. They are very romantic with one another, but they don't really seem to dwell on what that could mean. Also, I just love the turmoil inside Johnny when it comes to Ripp. On one hand this guy is trying to lay claim to something that is Johnny's and on the other hand this is RIPP - his best friend. And these two sides are constantly warring with one another. He wants to both attack Ripp and make him hurt, and at the same time he only wants to protect and hold onto him.

Ripp isn't so conflicted. Johnny is his best friend. Ophelia is his perfect girl. He loves them. He loves them together. He loves them together with him.
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come ([ profile] strange_tomato) / Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Johnny, Ripp, Ophelia, Helga

I'll be there till the stars don't shine. Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme. )

a/n: As out there as this seems, it's pretty much normal for me. If I really like something I like having fun sticking Helga in the mix. This is because she is my most favorite character in the history of forever. Also, because I'm ridiculous.

Also, I don't regret making it, because it made me finally realize why I love Johnny so damn much. Angry blond with ridiculous eyebrows? YES FOREVER.

So um (...i still didn't add numbers....doi), there's Ripp hitting on Helga and she's totally not into it. SHE ONLY HAS CHEMISTRY FOR ARNOLD and gerald maybe because it's HOT. Then she angrily points towards some alien spaceship, because uhhh... she can?

Then Helga and Johnny are twinsies, because they totally are. Aaaaand last is Helga with Phi. I imagine she's saying something like: "wow, you're pretty good at that." towards Phi and her flowers.

Oh and while I'm at it let me push some stuff at you:



Sep. 3rd, 2008 01:09 am
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Fandom/Universe: Strangetown, Here We Come / [ profile] strange_tomato
Character(s): Ophelia, Johnny, Ripp

So could you tell me why you're leaving? 'Cause I don't know why it has to be so. )

Could you tell me why you're leaving? 'Cause I don't know, I don't know, I don't know )

a/n: I am such a sap. I need to stop drawing so many sad things.

Ummm, the first scrappy things are kind of fun and I might fix up one or two or maybe none. It's all about Johnny saying good-bye. He holds on to Phi's face and tells her not to worry and then the hug between Johnny and Ripp is supposed to be next and Ripp's all shaky and panicked and is willing to do just about anything to keep Johnny and Johnny's just smiling and saying something like: "Make me proud, Ripp." and Johnny is EVERYTHING all at once and then the desperate Ripp/Johnny kiss happens, because like I said: I AM A SAP.

(also if anything ever happens between Johnny and Ripp in a sexual/romantic way it needs to be completely separate from Ophelia, because even though she keeps them both grounded they need to be able to come together on their own)

The one at the bottom was just me speculating on the trio's future. It's Phi and Ripp desperately trying to keep Johnny even though he's already beginning to leave them. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about Phi's hair, but I just love to play around with it and also I imagine that the reason she always keeps it braided is just because of how fucking WILD it is. I imagine that it is thick and curly and just a pain to take care of. Also Johnny and Ripp's hair is kind of pushed down because I was originally going to make it raining, but then I put the beam of (ALIEN) light in and decided it'd probably be too much at once.


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