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Title: Grow
Fandom/Universe: Hey Arnold!
Character(s): Rhonda, Harold (never mentioned by name though XD)
Rating: K+

And still the world stood still. I couldn't move and all I could feel was this aching in my heart saying I loved him still. )

a/n: for [ profile] heron_advocate because it was her birthday just a bit ago and I know she loves Rhonda/Harold just like I do and because she's been sad recently. ILU!
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Title: On Canson Paper
Fandom/Universe: Original
Rating: Teen

And live our lives, stigmatized... )

a/n: If you steal this then you're an idiot, because it's already been published.

In other news, this story isn't nearly as good as 'All the King's Horses'. Though I like the paragraph about colors. Oh and canson paper is just really nice drawing paper.

I wish I weren't here right now.

I want my family back.
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Title: In Distress
Fandom/Universe: Fireside Tales
Character(s): Tass, Ellie, Sam
Rating: K+

We're nothing and nothing will help us... )

a/n: this is from the beginning of 11th grade. But I want to post all the Ellie and Tass adventure stories. Tass has some problems with controlling his powers, Ellie is mute and kind of hates everyone.

Not friends-locked, because it isn't worth taking.
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Title: Still
Fandom/Universe: Bandkidz
Character(s): Dan, Alyssa, Lynn, Jones, Brandon, Sami, Jason, Mike, Evil-Lenora
Rating: Teen

And I say: Samantha, anything for you... )

a/n: don't worry! I'm not quite dead. I don't die in BANDKIDZ - that'd be too depressing. I think Jones'll have to save me. Because, even though he has a small role in the story, he has a big part of my past and has become the best healer i've ever imagined.

also, once i'm semi-concious the world begins to destroy itself and so there's a mad rush to get out of danger.

It's crazy-fun.

Not friends-locked, because it isn't worth stealing and also too confusing to take and also also because i feel like showing it off for fun.
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Title: Batteries
Fandom/Universe: BANDKIDZ
Character(s): Dan, Samurai
Rating: K+

Prompt: “these stupid fucking batteries are dead!”

Ooo you make me forget i'm not here... )

a/n: not friends only, because there's not much of a point in stealing it, eh? Just silliness. I don't know where I am during this time, because we totally split up Me, Dan, Sami vs Lynn, Brandon, Jason, Mike.

i've been in a BANDKIDZ mood lately.
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Title: Deeds and Intentions
Fandom/Universe: Original Fiction
Rating: K+

Summary: Not everything is about love.

Story here )

a/n: Because I noticed that a lot of mystery stories have women who kill people because of love. And i just got to thinking.
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Title: Untitled
Fandom/Universe: Original Fiction
Rating: K+

Summary: Break-ups are hard.

And you're breaking now and your heart is shattered and you're torn between wanting to hate him and never letting go of your love for him and you know that eveyone is on your side and that he was nowhere near perfect, but you loved him nonetheless and gave him everything you are and he took it all and gave you nothing and you want tot kill him for that, but in the back of your mind you he's not worth it. Not really.

But knowing and feeling are two completely different things and knowing doesn't stop the tears from streaming down your cheekcs or from saying things - half-crazed things that you don't feel and you know you won't remember tomorrow and somehow its all his fault.

Everything is all his fault.

And you KNOW its true, but even now you defend him to everyone else because you still care or because its just habit or maybe because you really just want to believe its true even if you know it's not.

a/n: For someone. Though I'm not giving it to her anytime soon.
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Title: New Enemies
Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Character(s): Margo, Lee
Rating: K

Summary: Another short one. The Sequal...type thing to Old Friends.

Cops and Robbers: The Sequal )

a/n: Heehee. Had to. Sorry. This one is sillier me thinks.
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Title: Old Friends
Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans
Character(s): Margo, Lee
Rating: K

Summary: “You were trying to rob me, Lee.”

Cops and Robbers <3 )

a/n: Well...I have been wanting to do a buddy-fic and this seems to be as close as its gonna get for now. Pointless little fiction that's hardly funny and there are a bunch of words spelled so wrong...anyway point out grammar mistakes and such things if you wish. Oh, and its all dialogue. Have fun!


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