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Title: Defy
Fandom: The Sims 2
Character(s): Ripp, Ophelia, Death
Rating: Teen

Tonight it is right )

Title: More
Fandom: The Sims 2
Character(s): Ophelia, Death
Rating: K+

Stars shine bright )

Title: Worth
Fandom: The Sims 2
Character(s): Frances, Edie
Rating: K+

I just really wanna be with you )

a/n: all stories based on [ profile] strange_tomato's sims universe. I guess I've accepted her storyline as Strangetown's kind of canon storyline. The connections of certain characters. I put all of these together, because I'd probably end up forgetting one if I didn't.
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Title: Breathe
Fandom: The Sims 2
Character(s): Ripp, Ophelia, Johnny
Rating: K+

From what I've seen, you're just one more hand me down... )

a/n: I have a hard time breaking up trios. I really hope they manage to stick together.
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Title: Batteries
Fandom/Universe: BANDKIDZ
Character(s): Dan, Samurai
Rating: K+

Prompt: “these stupid fucking batteries are dead!”

Ooo you make me forget i'm not here... )

a/n: not friends only, because there's not much of a point in stealing it, eh? Just silliness. I don't know where I am during this time, because we totally split up Me, Dan, Sami vs Lynn, Brandon, Jason, Mike.

i've been in a BANDKIDZ mood lately.
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Title: Bells in Water
Fandom/Universe: Naruto
Character(s): Sasuke, Sakura
Rating: K+

... - and Cid knows what bells in water sound like, what drowning bells sound like. )

a/n: Gahhhh...title ripped off a cid angst fic (and a damn good one too). It doesn't completely relate, but it sounds so tragic that it fits.

this is the last fic for awhile. Sorry.

I do have two more completed, but you will all just hafta wait 'til thursday for them.

enjoy 'til then!
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Title: Almost
Fandom/Universe: Footloose
Character(s): Ren, Wendy Jo
Rating: K+

what made us think that we were wise... )

a/n: i wrote this for katie, for no real reason. its incredibly short and incredibly tragic, but i like it. it was heavily inspired by THIS PICTURE!
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Title: Stupid
Fandom/Universe: Naruto
Character(s): Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke
Rating: K+

it's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah... )

short and disappointing. i know. but i've got five other long stories in the works and they're taking time and love and there'll be more soon so don't worry.

now back to my (quickly diminishing) pile of sasusaku fic.
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Title: The Bagpipe That Didn't Say No
Fandom/Universe: Naruto
Character(s): Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke
Rating: K+

And every breath we drew was hallelujah... )

a/n: I know I said that I was obsessed with Sasusaku, but this blurb came to me a few nights ago and it was cute and fluffy and it sorta seems like Sasuke is OOC, but he's NOT. He doesn't say no, but that doesn't mean that he says yes either so psh-ah! I've been wanting to use that ending line for like...ever. Shel Silverstein :heart!:


expect more naruto stuff.

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Title: Deeds and Intentions
Fandom/Universe: Original Fiction
Rating: K+

Summary: Not everything is about love.

Story here )

a/n: Because I noticed that a lot of mystery stories have women who kill people because of love. And i just got to thinking.


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