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Title: On Canson Paper
Fandom/Universe: Original
Rating: Teen

And live our lives, stigmatized... )

a/n: If you steal this then you're an idiot, because it's already been published.

In other news, this story isn't nearly as good as 'All the King's Horses'. Though I like the paragraph about colors. Oh and canson paper is just really nice drawing paper.

I wish I weren't here right now.

I want my family back.
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Title: Still
Fandom/Universe: Bandkidz
Character(s): Dan, Alyssa, Lynn, Jones, Brandon, Sami, Jason, Mike, Evil-Lenora
Rating: Teen

And I say: Samantha, anything for you... )

a/n: don't worry! I'm not quite dead. I don't die in BANDKIDZ - that'd be too depressing. I think Jones'll have to save me. Because, even though he has a small role in the story, he has a big part of my past and has become the best healer i've ever imagined.

also, once i'm semi-concious the world begins to destroy itself and so there's a mad rush to get out of danger.

It's crazy-fun.

Not friends-locked, because it isn't worth stealing and also too confusing to take and also also because i feel like showing it off for fun.
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Title: Always
Fandom/Universe: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Character(s): Zuko, Katara, Aang, Sokka
Rating: Teen

And I’ll be there forever and a day - always... )

a/n: this isn't really meant to be a zutara story. he didn't kiss her out of love. he kissed her out of desperation and need. human connection. he thinks she's pretty, but he doesn't really KNOW her so...yeah. Also I think Kataang is too adorable to destroy. I don't think Aang will be too pleased with the turn of events in this story. ah well. he'd learn to deal with it.

sorta my own way of musing. i do think iroh's going to die and zuko's gonna join the gang. I really hope that happens. it'd be badass. and the fact that they're all going to the same place...weeee!

this came out of nowhere. blame it on 'the fury of aang'. good episodes. LOVED the last bit where aang goes all avatar-crazy and katara has this tired, broken look and she's the only on who can stop him because he loves her and its just soooo sweet and GJdljlksafj. i don't know how anyone can hate kataang. its adorable.
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Title: And If One Day
Fandom/Universe: Naruto
Character(s): Naruto, Sakura
Rating: Teen

...though lost i have been//i find love again... )

a/n: i wrote a narusaku. I WROTE A NARUSAKU. i'm on crack.

for serious.

also, the title is vaguely based offa something topanga said in boy meets world: “You do your thing and I do my thing. You are you and I am I. And, if, in the end, we end up together, it's beautiful.”

also i guess really sappy celine dion music is my sasusaku muzak of choice.

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Title: To the Sky
Fandom/Universe: Naruto
Character(s): Sasuke, Sakura
Rating: Teen

When you touch me like this...and you hold me like that... )

a/n: i have no excuse for this.

it's sappy and angst-ridden.

and i love it so much.
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Title: Most
Fandom/Universe: Sesame Street
Character(s): Bert, Ernie, Mary-Sue (OC)
Rating: Teen

Summary: You don’t understand. Something doesn’t make sense. Something isn’t right. Why is this killing you? Why is this breaking you?

What the hell have I done to your childhood? )

a/n: *is sad* I don’t know why I wrote this...Its TRAGIC. Poor Ernie. *huggles* Stupid Bert! Why doesn’t he realize how much Ernie LUVS him?!?!
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Title: Dancing Dancing Dancing
Fandom/Universe: Full House
Character(s): Becky, Jesse, Kimmy
Rating: Teen

Summary: Sometimes you have to let go.

Dancing Dancing Dancing )

- - -

Fandom/Universe: Sesame Street
Couple(s): Bert/Ernie

Collapse )

a/n: Kate wanted a finished copy. Here it is.


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