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Fandom/Universe(s): Avatar: the Last Airbender, Ternion, Ragamuffins, Shenanigans!, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hey Arnold!, The Sims 2
Character(s): Sokka, Toph, Nor, Calvin, Taran, Kate-Bear, Brian, Alyssa, Gil, Negas, Pear, Ratchet Bur, Helga, Arnold, Lenne, Ripp

Without you, baby I'm not me. )

a/n: A desktop screenshot of all the pictures I'm working on at the moment. Some of them have been sitting around for far too long (the Favorite Whale as a Bear - ain't that confusing? - pic or the top right Ternion which has been hanging around unfinished since the summer).

There's Sokka carrying Toph, because you're not a true Tokka artist if you don't have at least one Sokka giving Toph a piggyback ride. Then a fairytale-esque Ternion trio, wherein Calvin is daring, Taran is pissed and Nor is in pain. Next, the shoe-eating scene in Ragamuffins that shall be HILARIOUS to do in time. After that the Ternion trio duking it out in a forest.

On the bottom is a redo of an old, old pic of me and Gil swinging high above everything. Then Pear hits on Negas, because Negas/Pear is as hot as Newt/Anna if not moreso. Next is Ratchet, looking kind of dumb with a bunch of scrolls. At the far right in the middle is a tragic HA! moment of a pained Helga and a pleading Arnold. And then the bottom right is Lenne shielding Ripp with ice, because she is a superhero after all.
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Fandom/Universe: Ragamuffins
Characters: Brian, Alyssa, Miketaur
Notes: The first one is just me and Brian escaping from danger. The second is based on the Ambushed scene that is yet to come. Also, all the art in this post is a couple months old and thus, not up to my current level of awesomeness.

Can you still see… )

…the heart of me? )

Universe: Ternion
Characters: Calvin, Jeanette, Mina, Nor
Notes: The first is Jean being a bit of a perv, but it’s okay because Calvin is too. Also, no - I’m still not sure if I’m going to give Jeanette a crush on Cal. The second is an old beachy-themed picture of the girls. Mina’s such a fake badass.

…All my agony fades away… )

…when you hold me in your embrace. )

a/n: I had fun with the LJ-cuts in this one. Heehee. More scraps done in my lazy coloring style. As mentioned above, these are all at least half a year old doodles that never really went anywhere. I feel bad about just throwing out stuff without some kind of record of it’s existence, so here ya go.
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Fandom/Universe: Ragamuffins
Time Period: Post-Ragamuffins
Character(s): Favorite Whale, Alyssa

I would be anything that you wanted me to be, but how can I change my body... )

a/n: Me and Favorite Whale's character designs for the post-ragaverse world. FW doesn't always have the nose and the claws. Our powers are weakened in our world, so instead of her turning into animals, she can only gather bits of them.

I'm just being a badass.
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Fandom/Universe: None
Character(s): Bear, Alyssa
Rating: K

You taste like honey, honey... )

a/n: from the good old days when i was trying to woo tyler. I never did finish the Bear arc. After we got to the top, Sally Acorn would be there to greet us and take us to meet the almighty one. Thoreau. And he would have told me where to go next and I'd probably have left Bear for Favorite Whale. Or someone similiar.

Good times...
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Fandom/Universe: None
Character(s): Brian, Manlyssa
Rating: Teen (for fucked up crack)

He's my first mistake... )

a/n: i can't remember why i drew this. it was on the back of some old shank worksheet. Brian with me, as a boy. i also have another one of Boy!me as Danny Phantom and Brian and as Sam and Nikki as...some chick. I draw some weird ass shit.
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Fandom/Universe: Bandkidz
Character(s): Dan, Alyssa
Rating: K

Far longer than forever... )

a/n: Sorry for the lack of updates. I just haven't really had anything to add.

This is a part from BANDKIDZ2, wherein Dan has his mind manipulated by Aarorn. He wakes up and thinks that the whole battle against the dragons and the crazy girl's mind was just a dream. I have to snap him out of it.
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Title: Still
Fandom/Universe: Bandkidz
Character(s): Dan, Alyssa, Lynn, Jones, Brandon, Sami, Jason, Mike, Evil-Lenora
Rating: Teen

And I say: Samantha, anything for you... )

a/n: don't worry! I'm not quite dead. I don't die in BANDKIDZ - that'd be too depressing. I think Jones'll have to save me. Because, even though he has a small role in the story, he has a big part of my past and has become the best healer i've ever imagined.

also, once i'm semi-concious the world begins to destroy itself and so there's a mad rush to get out of danger.

It's crazy-fun.

Not friends-locked, because it isn't worth stealing and also too confusing to take and also also because i feel like showing it off for fun.
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Universe: BANDKIDZ
Character(s): Jason, Mike, Samurai, Lynn, Alyssa, Dan, Brandon
Rating: K

I pray that something picks me up/And sets me down in your warm arms... )

a/n: First art post in a while. S'cause I'm running out of stories.

Actually, I'm only out of fanfic, I have tons of original stuff, but I feel bad not showing SOMETHING to the public sometimes. So here's a public post. Of Bandkidz silliness.

This is actually part of the second storyline which involves me in college and a reunion of the beautiful band babies. Also: dragons.
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5 x Alyssa Art
1 x Secret of Nimh



Fandom/Universe: Emperor's New Groove, Ragamuffins
Character(s): Unnamed OC, Alyssa, Brian

ENG Fancharacter and Guard Duty... )

a/n: Grawwww more icons and pictures. Most of the icons are crap. I’m just bad at making them. I’ll get better eventually - I hope.
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Fandom/Universe: Pokemon, Ragamuffins
Character(s): Poke-me and my AWESOME TEAM, Gil, Alyssa, Bruno, Duplica

And that was the day that Poke-me beat down the terrible Mickey Sunko... )

a/n: So I can no longer use Deviantart. I suppose that means all art will come here now.
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Fandom/Universe: Shenanigans, Bandkidz
Character(s): Rhiannon, Miles, Ralph2, Me and my Band Babies

Wherein boys are stupid and there are ducklings... )

a/n: the first one is because boys are stupid. seriously. rhiannon is trying to draw on comparisons and is failing. miles, though lovable, is apparently thick. this is actually rather ooc for them. rhiannon is usually the oblivious one, but there are reasons behind this stupid thing soooo... i had to make him the dense one.

and the second one is a cutesy pic of me and my band ducklings. In order - Dan, Me (cat!), Lynn, Samurai, Brandon, Jason, Mike and flying is Brent.



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